Application Management

Business Challenge

Companies running multiple Java applications have to keep a watchful eye on managing the different App Servers and versions in their environments. Even the best IT Managers will agree the complexity can (and has) gotten away from them. How many apps do you support? On how many servers? How many are on WAS? Jboss? Tomcat? Anything else? What versions?

Probably the most important questions to ask are: Are you currently meeting your service level agreements for your Java applications? Can you ensure best performance to those critical applications? Is management happy with the company's App Server environment? Is it getting visibility, and not in a good way?

Our Solution

What if you could have the best of both world with a WAS option that offered the size, speed, and ease of Tomcat as well as the high end enterprise strengths, at an affordable price? Introducing IBM WAS Liberty.

WAS Liberty is extremely friendly to developers, administrators, and management alike. Liberty Profile has revolutionized App Server development with a small footprint that loads in under 5 seconds.

We are a foremost resource for IBM WebSphere Application Server software sales and services. With our vast ecosystem of collaborating IBM Business Partners, we consistently find our customers the best WebSphere Application Server deployment experts at low rates. You will find comprehensive information in the IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Infocenter, but there is no substitute for fundamental product knowledge of our experts - the understanding you can't find in books.

We know IBM, so we navigate the procurement process on your behalf. We work with IBM Certified System Administrators for WAS, WAS Liberty, and WAS-ND, so we can help you 1) get started, and 2) address the specific challenges you are buying WAS to solve. You will be able to 1) free up your sysadmins to do other more meaningful work for your organization; 2) build an environment where you can grow in a non-disruptive manner while meeting SLAs; and 3) increase utilization of server capacity versus buying new servers at the same rate and pace.

The WAS V8.5.5 Announcement Letter and a recent IBM RedPaper on the technical aspects of WAS V8.5 are attached as PDFs on the right hand side of this page.

Key Benefits when you deploy WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5

App Version Management: WAS V8.x introduced the Job Manager by which you can much more easily manage multiple WAS Express, WAS Base and WAS ND servers, not only V8.x profiles, but also profiles back to V6.0.

Ease of Migration: WAS V8.x introduced the Application Migration Tool, automating the migration process and making once unthinkable upgrades very simple to perform and test with your apps.

App Edition Management: WAS V8.x provides comprehensive version control at the app level.

Server Health Management: WAS v8.5.5 has the capability of autonomically correcting problems (like restarting servers because of a memory leak).

Dynamic Clustering based on SLA: Once deployed, WAS V8.5.5 will maintain the optimal cluster configuration according to your Service Level requirements.

Intelligent Routing and SLA Enforcement: Improved algorithms for meeting Web-to App SLAs.

Automated Failover with WAS-ND: Automated JMS, transaction and EJB failover features as well as Deployment Manager and Singleton HA

Incorporates Compute Grid and WebSphere Virtual Enterprise: There used to be separate line items, With WAS v8.5 they are incorporated at no extra charge.

Liberty Platform: Liberty is small, fast, and easy, a serious advance in the App Server development space. Liberty offers a very small footprint and profiles boot within 5 seconds or less.

Performance Improvements: The dramatic performance improvements in WAS V8.5 mean more runs on fewer servers which saves big $$.

Cut Development Costs: Commonality of development can save significant immediate and downstream people costs. There is no charge for WebSphere Developer Tools for Eclipse, WebSphere Application Server for Developers & Liberty Profile, nor for WAS with Rational Application Developer.

Key Benefits when you work with Middleware Management Partners

Knowledge Transfer: Your administrators perform the implementation with our guidance.

Cost: We have less overhead than most WAS Services providers, and so we keep hour hourly rates low.

Rapid, Professional Software Procurement and Implementation: We get our customers up and running very quickly.